Monday, June 28, 2010


Usually we have 2 sisters in California and 1 in Minnesota. We've flipped that this past week as Nancy and son, Michael, are visiting in Minnesota. We've had fun doing family things:

. taking Susan to get her car fixed
. picking up huge boxes of photo copies and delivering them to our resident attorney
. accompanying our Mom to Free Pie Day
. sitting in a parking lot during a torrential rain and lightening storm
. enjoying a decadent dessert at a local restaurant
. enjoying a great breakfast at a local restaurant
. enjoying a great dinner at a local restaurant

And, there was a sailing race, an outdoor band concert, an air show, a tornado warning!

Good times in Minnesota - and a few super-sized mosquito bites.

We did not sew.

Nancy has some cute wristlets on the site - finished before her vacation. Georgia has a little different design - both are adorable. Take a look:

Friday, June 25, 2010


Georgia lives in the mountains in northern California. She has a 45-minute drive to the nearest town to buy groceries, get some gas, pick up books at the library or buy fabric! The winding road passes many beautiful vinyards and wineries providing great scenery for Georgia (and visiting sisters) throughout the growing season. The wineries in her area are gaining popularity and are destinations for day trips for tourists as well as neighbors in the area.

Here's a new bag in our shop, created by Georgia, inspired by the local wine country.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We received a nice Convo from our custom order customer I wrote about earlier this morning:

"Thanks again. I think Etsy is the bomb. I love unique things and all you talented artists are so creative and accommodating! It's a breath of fresh air in a mass-produced world."

How nice - and thanks to all our customers who make our work fun.


We love CUSTOM ORDERS. It's fun to work with a customer, choosing designs, adapting designs according to customer needs, selecting fabrics and linings . . . . .

The CONVO'S fly back and forth accompanied by photos . . . .

And a final design is approved.

We create the bag or accessory and photo the finished product, listing it as a special order in our Etsy shop. Our bags are made in California and Minnesota. We each make certain bags, so when you request a custom order, you will work directly with the designer of that particular bag or accessory.

Here's a recent custom order:

Our customer contacted us on June 14. She liked our Lite - Wallet on a String, and wondered if we had some sunflower fabric that we could use to make a bag for her. Georgia replied and told her YES! We'd love to!

June 15 the customer sent us a link to a fabric she liked, and we dug through our stash to see what we had that was close. Found it! In Minnesota! Fabric was mailed (takes 2 days) to California. The customer then decided she'd like a second bag, and again, sent us a link to a fabric she liked from our shop.

June 16, Georgia suggested that our customer take a measurement to determine the exact length of the strap and that was incorporated into the bag. We can do that with custom orders.
The customer also requested a thicker cord and we were able to do that as well.

June 21 - Both bags finished, listed on Etsy, paid for by the customer.
June 22 - Bags shipped.

We are proud of our quick turn around time and fast shipping. The turn around on this bag was a little longer than Georgia's usual as she had to be out of town over the weekend for a wedding.

Please contact us with your ideas. We will be happy to work with you.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Lovely Weekend

Great Girlfriends
Good Food
Sweet Pets

Life Is Good!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Most of the time we sew and work on the computer. But sometimes we take a little break.

Nancy and Georgia can be seen at their local casino from time to time. Or at a Giants baseball game. (California)

Susan likes theater productions at the Guthrie theater, or a concert at Orchestra Hall. (Minnesota)

But today, in Minnesota, it is FREE PIE DAY for Susan and OUR MOM, Georgene.

A local restaurant offers free pie with every purchase. So, here's how we do it:

We show up for breakfast at 10:30 a.m. when the promotion begins. We order breakfast. The food is great. We accept the FREE PIE and opt to have them box it to take with us. We hang out together until lunch time and we eat the FREE PIE for lunch. We spend the day together doing errands and hanging out. Then, we return to the restaurant for a later dinner, usually something light, and again are rewarded with FREE PIE, which we take home and enjoy the following day!

Have a good day and may you find FREE PIE!

Monday, June 14, 2010





Saturday, June 12, 2010


Demo Photo
All this stuff fits into our Wallet On A String Bag
Hands Free!!

This is Georgia's newest creation, just listed on Etsy. As we say here in Minnesota, when we really like something . . . .

"Oh, fer cute!"

Friday, June 11, 2010


Our friend, Donna, is the Flip Flop Queen. She has lots of them to wear on her feet, plus bags we've made for her, and lots of cute clothing items.

Do you have a friend like this? Check these links to see what we have in our shops today. Your "flip flop" girlfriend will appreciate a thoughtful friendship gift.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


One of the tools we use in our business is Google Analytics. We can access data on a daily basis to tell us how many people visited our shop, what search engines they used to get there, what key words they used to find us.

Susan was looking at today's report and laughed when she noticed someone had search for "Betty Boob" and found us!

We have a number of fabrics featuring the adorable Betty Boop - and I guess Betty Boob was close enough to get her to our shop.

Want to find her?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Cosmetic Bag/Coin Purse
Babe In Total Control of Herself

If you are a Babe
Control of

Or you know one . . . . .
Or two . . . .

You'll love this little bag as a treat for yourself
or a cute gift for your girlfriends.

Choose from one of four color choices in our most popular fabric!

We can make any of our items from this fabric and you choose the color.
We love to do custom orders.

Warning: we are running out of red.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Small Zippered Pouch
Cosmetic Bag or Coin Purse

Bug Hunt

Going on a bug hunt

Going to find some bugs.

Look in every corner.

Peek under all the rugs.

Going on a bug hunt

Going to get my fill

Of dragonflies in ponds

Or ants upon a hill.

Going on a bug hunt

I'm sure to find a fly.

Mosquitoes and beetles,

A pretty butterfly.

Going on a bug hunt

Going to look at night

I'll surely find a moth

Circling around a light.

Going on a bug hunt

Looking up a tree

Searching in a flower

I'll find a honeybee.

Going on a bug hunt

We'll look here and there.

Up and down, all around

Bugs are everywhere!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Studio in Minnesota

Cosmetic Bag
Wavy Stripes - Pink and Orange

Notepad Holder
Wavy Stripes - Pink and Orange

Business Card Holder
Wavy Stripes - Pink and Orange

Large Reversible Tote
Wavy Stripes - Pink and Orange

Susan has moved her studio from Minnesota to . . . . . . Minnesota! Actually, just a 15 minute drive from her old studio. The new studio is a "high rise", (does third floor qualify?) with a large corner window nestled in the tree tops. All is green. Which should turn orange, red and yellow in the fall judging by the types of trees. And . . . . . will be brown and snowy white throughout the winter.

The walls of the studio are painted a vibrant orange! Orange is said to produce energy and creativity. We're hoping for some great things.

And, speaking of orange . . . . . . .