Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Best Part of Switzerland

Catrina, age 12 and Sadie, age 9 - and Cosmo, too.


It's Spring Break in Vevey, Switzerland where Susan's granddaughters live. So, Susan is going on holiday as well, leaving tomorrow for a three-week visit. A trip to Paris is planned.

Susan Jon Designs will close for three weeks.

Bag-It Designs and Bag-It Designs2 will remain open for business as usual.

Susan may blog from Switzerland. Georgia and Nancy may blog from California.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We love this fabric! Any black cat lovers out there? You'll get a kick out of this. We have a little more of this fabric - watch for some different bags, coming soon.

Monday, March 22, 2010


These are photos of a Mother Load Bag that I made for myself. I made the quilted panels originally for a jacket and then decided I was too hot (not in a good way) to wear a quilted jacket, so I turned them into a Mother Load Bag.

This has turned out to be my favorite travel bag. The six-pocket panel on the dotted side works great to carry all the stuff I need to take on the plane with me: passport, boarding pass, gum, mints, paperback book, head phones, inflatable pillow, etc. I put in a Ziploc bag of the 1-ounce bottles I need to have with me - hand sanitizer, hand lotion, chap stick, etc. I take a fairly large travel case of medications. That goes in the bottom. I place some organizing bags (thank you, Bat-It Designs2) of other stuff I need to have. A magazine or 2 will stand up along the side. There is room left over on top for a rolled polar fleece or windbreaker jacket.

When I get to my seat, I can place the bag on the floor in an upright position and slide it under the seat ahead. It's soft enough to sort of squish and tuck under there. Then, during the flight, if I need something, I can easily slide the bag forward with my foot, and grab what ever I need because I can see everything and I don't have to fuss with a zipper or snap. Most times I never even lift it off the floor until the flight is over. (Here's another little tip: Put your money, i.d., credit cards in a Lite .
Put the Lite in one of the pockets. If you need to leave your seat to use the restroom, just pull that out, drape it over your shoulder, and you can leave the other bag under the seat.)

The straps are comfortable for a shoulder bag, but when I'm moving about the airport, I place the straps around the pull-out handle of my wheeled carry on and grab both the handle and the straps with the pulling hand. The base of the bag rests on the top of the wheeled bag and I have one hand free to carry a cup of coffee. Of course, I have pulled the Bag-It Designs 2 Coffee Cuff from the pocket of my bag and I'm set to go!

Give it a try - I think you'll like it.
Go to and put "Mother Load Bag" in the search.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


This is the cutest bag EVER!
Peace, baby.
We just listed it today, so check it out. It's going to go fast, I'm predicting.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cool Jazz New Orleans Style

Susan is heading out tonight to hear a concert at Orchestra Hall. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band with The Minnesota Orchestra. She'll take some notes (and hear some too) on this COOL JAZZ notepad holder.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I took my granddaughter, Grace, to the Minnesota Zoo today. We saw a lot of monkeys. That got me thinking about this bag, as cute on the inside as it is on the outside.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mountain Stitches - Fabric and Sewing Supplies

Here are some fabrics we're selling in our new shop -

Georgia set up the new shop and began selling fabrics she is not going to use.

She called Susan to let her know the shop was open.

Susan clicked in to see what was available. She loved these three fabrics.

Then she realized they were originally HERS!

We do a lot of fabric trading and Susan at one time thought she was finished with these fabrics. She passed them to Georgia. Georgia is now finished. Now Susan thinks they are looking pretty cute and may ask for their return!

So, if you're interested in any of these, act quickly, as you may have to arm wrestle one of us for your selections!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

FEATURED BAG - March 16, 2010


The Party Purse is a smaller bag designed to carry just what you need when in party mode. We use unique decorator fabrics that add class,sophistication and fun to any outfit. At 6" x 6", you'll have room to carry your license, credit cards, cash, lipstick, cell phone and your keys. We've included one interior pocket for organization. The flap fastens with a magnetic snap. The beautiful antiqued brass chain strap is long enough to drape across the body to allow a hands-free evening of cocktails and dancing. The strap is detachable when you'd rather carry a clutch bag.

Monday, March 15, 2010

FEATURED BAG - March 15, 2010 - Oilcloth Bag - Reversible - Red and White

Our large bag, designed to carry a big load, is made from two layers of oilcloth for increased durability and water resistance. The finished measurement is 18 1/2 inches wide at the top, 13 1/2 inches wide at the bottom, 15 1/2 inches tall and 5 inches deep.

Gracie Sleeps Over

Thought you'd like to see Susan's granddaughter, Gracie (age 7) , packed up and ready for a sleep over, all her stuff packed into her mother's Mother Load Bag. This bag was a custom order, placed by Grace, who personally selected the fabric for her mom's birthday present. Grace loves to sling this bag across her body and tuck it under her arm for a manageable load.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

FEATURED BAG - March 14, 2010 - Canine Chronical

This black and white newsprint tote has all the dog news of the day! We created this bag from a fun Timeless Treasures fabric called "The Canine Chronical." The base and straps are made from black trigger cloth, and the base is trimmed with black and white pawprint grosgrain ribbon. The pawprint theme continues with the lining. The interior pockets are black.

The Classic Tote is where it all began for Bag-It Designs. This is a bag you can use every day, with plenty of room for the necessities, and pockets to keep everything organized.

Our classic tote:
- has an 8" wide and 3" deep base
- is 11" wide at the top, 11" high
- closes with a magnetic snap
- has 2 long shoulder straps
- has 3 interior pockets
- has a key holder

What's New at Susan Jon Designs?

Cotton Dish Cloths - Crocheted - The Best Dish Cloth Around

Decorator Pillow Cases - For Seasonal or Themed Decorating

Stop by and browse.

Mountain Stitches - Our Third Shop

We have a new THIRD shop - Mountain Stitches.

This is where we sell our excess fabric and supplies at BARGAIN PRICES.

We are destashing and offering some great deals.


Nancy's new creation is a Wristlet Bag.

This fun little pleated, zipper top wristlet is just the perfect size for a day of shopping or a night on the town. It’s petite, but it’s still large enough to hold your cell phone, ipod, ID, money, lipstick, keys and more. Carry it around your wrist using the strap, or detach the strap to carry it as a clutch. You may also attach the bag to a stroller, shopping cart, or your belt loop.

New Etsy Shop - Bag-It Designs 2

We divided our inventory into two shops to make things easier and more organized for our customers., our original store, is where you'll find bags, purses and totes., our new shop, is where you'll find all of the accessories: zippered pouches, notepad holders, coffee cuffs, kleenex holders, glasses cases, business card holders, wallets, luggage tags etc.

We have things grouped and organized within sections and a click on each section title is the fastest way to see all that's currently available in each product.

We have linked each shop and each listing, so that it is very easy to click between shops for quick access to our entire inventory.

We are adding new products and designs and hope you will visit us often.

Arizona Shows

I'd have more to say about the shows had I posted in a timely fashion. At this point, much of the experience is a fleeting memory.

I left Minnesota on November 30th, adding more frequent flyer miles to my formerly Northwest Airlines - now Delta account. We spent a day getting organized and loading the truck, leaving California for Arizona on December 2. Some folk manage to make the drive to Arizona in one day. We did not.

We travel with a very large book, sort of like the Quilter's Bible, that provides information on all the quilt shops in the United States. Dangerous publication. So, with stops here and there along the way, we make the drive a 2 day event.

We spent our first night in Claremont, California - fun for me as I lived there for a couple of years. We were able to drive by my old house and check out the town, which had changed so much in 20 years! Funny how that can happen.

Our show in Tempe was very nice. We were so lucky to stay with Georgia's friend Claudia who provided first class accommodations, great food, lovely conversation and fabulous assistance with our booth set up and tear down. She even provided a flashlight beam for our last customer of the show to complete her shopping after the sun had set.

We had a good location, lots of customers, friendly people and a few Minnesota Vikings fans who were in town for the NFL game. Of course, Vikings lost the game, so our experience at the sports bar, the only 2 Vikings fans in the whole place was . . . . interesting.

We had a visit with Georgia's friend Nancy in Prescott, AZ for the few days between the shows and then headed for Tucson. What a show! We had good sales, nice customers, and the most interesting parade of characters we've ever experienced at a show. Try to imagine Berkley, CA in the 60's, plus the Renaissance Fair, plenty of Goth, many senior citizens, and more chihuahua dogs than I've ever seen in one place, and you'll get the idea. It was fun, crazy, and a lot of laughs. Georgia spent the better part of an afternoon flirting with an adorable Santa Claus.

We got back to California December 15, and I flew back to Minnesota on December 16.

I got Christmas put together in 8 days. Whew.

I should mention that while doing these two shows, Georgia was in so much pain with a knee injury on her right knee - the driving knee, so the entire trip was quite a challenge for her.

That leads us into January, and Georgia's knee surgery on the 28th. I flew out (Hello! Northwest Airlines! now Delta) to be with her for the surgery and recovery. We had a lovely cozy time at her cabin, venturing out only twice post surgery. She has recovered nicely with a slight set back due to shoveling out after a snow storm.

During our seclusion, Georgia sat with her leg propped up, and using her lap top, she opened our second Etsy shop - I'll post those details in my next blog.

So, 2009 was exciting and very busy for the Bag-It Designs ladies. We opened an Etsy store in March, we did numerous shows in California, the Midwest and Arizona. We sewed, and sewed, and sewed. We sold lots of products. We talked about our business. We made plans.

Stay tuned.

D+ Effort with Circumstances

My dog ate my homework???

That worked in 4th grade, but today - not so much! When I started this blog it was with every intention of regular updates, blogging from the road as we crossed the country doing arts and craft shows, highlighting new products . . .


Blogging on the road is hard. Wireless internet, even when advertised as an amenity at many motels, is, at best, elusive. Our fatigue level is high at the end of a day and I sometimes wonder if it would be best to just sleep in my clothes. Georgia usually fires up the lap top to check in with her day job, and by the time she's finished, I'm already snoring and drooling.

So, I'll try to do better and raise my grade to somewhere in the B+ range.

We do have news - so read on.